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February 22, 2018
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Our Story

Most people today don’t have a great understanding of where food comes from, how it’s made, the journey it makes or where it ends up if it’s discarded. To put it another way, people are disconnected from their food. Today so many foods are available all year long from the grocery store and very little thought is given to seasonality. Food is becoming more complicated as consumers try to understand the impacts of things like GMOs and pesticides. Most people today don’t even know that a tomato is a fruit or that peanuts grow underground. But all is not lost. There is a movement that has been gaining ground all across the land. People desire a connection with their food once again, and that desire to reconnect will be nurtured by Edible Maine in the hopes of leading to a healthy and well-informed public, a diverse and safe environment and a thriving local economy.

Understanding how and what to eat leads to a healthy life, in fact it’s a necessity. In order to make the best food decisions for ourselves we need to have a deep understanding of what food is, where it comes from and how it was made. What happens when people become disconnected from their food? Without this connection and understanding people are unable to make good decisions about their own health, the health of their environment, or health of their local economy.

The saying used to be “You are what you eat!” Now that a lot of food is made with harmful chemicals and processes the new saying is “You are what you eat eats!” In other words, what you are eating consumed things while it grew and now those things are entering your body. The trend not too long ago was one of further disconnecting from our food but the tables have turned and there is a big movement happening right now. Join Edible Maine while we highlight this movement and promote your healthy body, your healthy environment and your healthy local economy.

Meet Our Team

Dylan Jacobs
Co-Owner/Publisher and "Helper-in-Chief"

Dylan is a scientist by training with a passion for delicious food and adventure. His scientific curiosity has driven his interests in brewing beer, mixing drinks and other culinary exploration. Dylan loves the outdoors and grew up hiking, boating, paddling and snowboarding in Maine. In between these pursuits, he enjoys refueling with all the unique food and drink that Maine has to offer.​ dylan@ediblemaine.com

Chris Ellis
Co-Owner/Publisher and Editor in Chief

Chris has always had a love of food and its use as a medium for the creative process. Having spent many years in the restaurant industry he learned as much as he could from every person around him. Chris loves gardening at his home in Greenwood, ME and typically spends each spring planting and each fall harvesting and canning to enjoy his bounty throughout the long Maine winters. chris@ediblemaine.com

Brianna Shipley
Managing Editor

Brianna is the managing editor for Edible Maine and Edible New Hampshire, as well as a contributing writer for both magazines. She is thrilled to be involved with a local food movement. brianna@ediblemaine.com

Mike Sullivan
Advertising Account Executive

Territory: Portland

Mike has been selling print advertising for a long time. Having gained a thorough understanding of how to connect Edible Maine to advertisers and then connect those advertisers to our audience, Mike brings a tremendous value to our team. mike@ediblemaine.com

Derek Bissonnette
Advertising Account Executive

Territory: Southern and Western Maine

Born in Hartford, Connecticut and raised in Maine, Derek showed a passion for food from an early age.  Beginning with a small bakery in Maine, formal training at The Culinary Institute of America, then Pastry Chef at The White Barn Inn in 1999 under the tutelage of Jonathan Cartwright, Executive Sous Chef and then appointed Executive Chef... Derek has been a long-time part of the culinary world in Maine and beyond. He joined the Edible Maine team to pursue a career outside of the kitchen while still maintaining a connection to food. derek@ediblemaine.com

David Gogel
Head of Web Development and Digital Marketing, Advertising Account Executive

Territory: Northern and Eastern Maine

David brings experience in management consulting and digital marketing from a career built around helping business leaders grow their revenue. In addition, he brings a diverse background and a passion for food and wine. In his free time he enjoys traveling around Maine with his Wife and two children as they search for great new restaurants and farms. david@ediblemaine.com

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